Monday, February 9, 2009

Recession Proof Your Wardrobe at 6 Dollar Shirts!

Posted on/at 4:58 PM by Web Thing

6 Dollar Shirts?

Yup, you heard right! ... Not Crazy enough for you? Fine ... how about 10 shirts for $50?

Sweet deal. The best part? There are a LOT of shirts to pick from so you won't have to kill yourself to find 5 you like to score the sweet deal. Heck, you even get to choose what color shirt for most of 'em, so even if you only find one you like you can get it in 5 colors.

This bad boy came from their retro section. C'mon, say it with me ... "I'm Hot." ... "I'm Thirsty"..."KOOL AID" and then that happy faced punch bowl guy would come crashing though a wall or a fence to save the children from certain heat exaustion and/or dehydration.
My hero.
Anyways ... get over to and start a collection today...
or just go get the Kool Aid T-shirt.