Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monkee Do - Fighting Childhood Obesity

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You all know by now, that I'm a sucker for a good cause. Here's another one...

Monkee Do has a line of tee shirts featuring their signature monkey engaged in a number of different activities. ... get it? Monkee see, Monkee do.

Living in Las Vegas - which was just voted the US's fattest city for the second year in a row - the concept really hits home. A portion of the proceeds go to DMSE's Children's Fitness Foundation - supporting non profit programs who promote physical fitness in children.
I remember as a kid, being kicked out of the house in the morning - and playing baseball or football (or kickball, batball, etc) or just throwing a tennis ball against a wall for hours ... until it was time for dinner. Of course, we didn't have Xbox, the latest Playstation gizmo or 300 channels of television then either.

Lead by example - my 70 -something year old grandmother would have a catch with me when my grandfather was too busy (and she had quite an arm).

Kids want to get involved with what the parents are doing - and let's face it - the parents could benefit from more healthy lifestyles too.

Turn off. Go out. Play on.

.. oh yeah - and go get one of these shirts from MonkeeDo ... ONLY 12 Bucks!

Moonshiner T-Shirts from Moonshine Tees

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Aw man, these shirts really bring me back. In high school I had notebooks full of designs for my own stills - the library really is a wonderful resource if you know how to use it. Before the days of Home Depot and Lowes - where was a 16 year old kid supposed to find 1/4 inch surgical tubing? I was "this close", I tell ya.

Inspired by Hawkeye and Pierce and Honeycutt from M*A*S*H - I finally had some science to sink my teeth into.

Anyway - I say we legalize brewing your own moonshine. It's a much better use of all that corn than corn syrup (side note: Did you know the weight of the average American has increased 20lbs since corn syrup became a widely used sweetener in the early 80s?)

"Moonshine ... if it wasn't so good, they wouldnt chase us" is what it says on this shirt from Moonshine Tees. It will run you about $22.50. They have others too ... and get this ... they get shipped in a mason jar ... how freaking cool is that???

...and remember ... the first ounce or so out of the still will make you go blind. (seriously)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Artcotic T Shirts - These Guys are Dropping Bombs!

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Every once in a while I get clued into something special. Sure, it involves t-shirts, but sometimes it's much, much more. In steps Artcotic. Want tees produced on high quality shirts AND kick ass designs? Want to know what makes the artist tick who designed your shirt? Want more?

Go to Artcotic and get more. More shirts, more artist info - heck, even more music.

I could go on and on - but you should really just go check them out for yourself.

This shirt is called "Bird of Prey", for obvious reasons. It's $24.99 and get this - it's a limited edition print. Now there's only 249 other guys out there that I have to worry about ruining my day by wearing MY shirt. Those are Vegas odds I can live with.

Thanks Artcotic - keep doing what you do, and we will keep enjoying it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Design Your Own Shirt at 1800Clothes.com - I did!

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OK, so there ara about 50 different places out there there you can design and buy your own shirt. Eventually I will get around to comparing and contrasting them all ... eventually, don't hold your breath.

Anyway,I happened upon 1800clothes.com - and made this one. It reads "No call alligator 'long mouth' till you pass him." It's a Jamacan proverb. With absolutely no special skills at all I created this shirt using thier "Custom Apparel Tool"- no Photoshop, no illustrater...nothing. It was fun, I actually made 6 more with various images, colors and quotes.

The clipart came from their library (which I was told on the phone is being revamped/upgraded etc (basically added to). I changed the color of the clipart from black to green. I was able to rotate the image as well as add my text and bend it all the way around in a circle - which I feel really makes this shirt.

They are obviously looking for larger fish - the big orders - seeing as you can upload your company logo if you already have one - and there are MASSIVE discounts figured into their tier pricing (i messed around and got a bunch of price quotes too) but it's nice that they have a very simple tool that allows me to be creative - even if I am just one of the little guys who buys my shirts one at a time.

So, go take a crack at it - I can't wait to see the new improved clipart library when it's done. Click Here: Custom T Shirts