Friday, May 23, 2008

Wooshka $1 T Shirt Sale, Tuesday 5/28/08

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OK, so I just got a note telling me that the folks at Wooshka are going to be having a $1 t shirt sale this coming Tuesday (they also assured me that it was NOT a misprint.

Not familiar with Wooshka? To be honest, neither was I (so thanks for the email, Steve). It's a groovey site billed as "the never-ending t shirt design competition" ... who are the judges? You and me baby! That's right, the Wooshka Community votes and decides which shirts get printed.

Simply brilliant! They attract some really (no B.S.) talented designers so the shirts totally rock!

OK, so I don't have the details on the sale - if its everything in stock or a select few - but for a buck you REALLY can't go wrong here. I have already set my calendar and with a measley $20 in my pocket I plan to go ballistic.

The design above is called "I heart ketchup" - and it's just one of the many I hope is included in this ludicrous sale.

Tees usually run a modest $20-$30 here (and are worth every penny), so this sale is a "can't miss" in my book.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

MLK (Martin Luther King) Dream Big T Shirt from Bant-Shirts

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OK, so I missed the big holiday timely posting for this one from Bant Shirts - sorry. If I had seen it before, I surely woulda.

Need a little inspiration? Coffee just not quite enough these days? What could be more inspiring than a little pick -me-up from MLK himself?

I would go on, but this Martin Luther King shirt speaks for itself.

It's only $16.95, so get one for yourself and maybe one or two for your less-than-inspired coworkers.

Martin Luther King Dark T-Shirt


Navy Short T-Shirt

Racism Sucks Dark T-Shirt

MLK - War is a poor Dark T-Shirt

Ignore Race Dark T-Shirt

Got MLK? Dark T-Shirt

Army Green T-Shirt

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool Hot Coffee T Shirt from Biticol

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One of the few things I like more than a great t shirt is a cup of coffee - (and I am not nearly as picky about my coffee)

This one from BITICOL has a nice little twist - the vapor from the coffee looks like some kind of skull ... I'm not sure what they are getting at here, but it'still a really great shirt. Maybe something about coffee being bad for you? Maybe the coffee is loaded with those spirits that us Irish folks like. Why can't I tell you? Easy - the site is completely in Spanish right now - but no worries ... English (and French versions, for you Canadiens) are right around the corner.

Get your coffee t-shirt from for 11 (whatever the Spanish currency is)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm What Willis Was Talking About; From T-Shirt Hell

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Here is one of the most tame offerings from T Shirt Hell. Who didn't love Diff'rent Strokes? Heck, I still have a goldfish named Abraham. I have to warn you though, this T-Shirt hell site is NOT for the easily offended (or, in some cases, not the 'not-so-easily-offended')

Most of their stuff comes with its own inherent shock value. I think a lot of them are very funny - but I have decided to stay away from them on my blog so you all wouldn't judge me.

************ TV Show T Shirts ***************

Cool part about T-Shirt Hell is that once you decide on a design, you get to choose the color and style of t-shirt from a very good selection. This "I'm What Willis Was Talking About" ringer clocked in at about $19.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Original Slacker T Shirt from Old Glory

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Ok, ok, ok ... I know, I have been slacking ... and I know there are a lot of good people out there sending me really great stuff to write about .. sorry - I'll get to you ... I promise I will.

Seeing as no one pays me to blog (although I do appreciate the free tee shirts - special thanks to those who have sent 'em my way) so, sometimes the blogging takes a back burner to, like, my life, my real job, etc. etc.

************ TV Show T Shirts ***************

Anyway - here's a groovy retro Wimpy Original Slacker (of Popeye fame) tee to celebrate my slacking. Snag yours at Old Glory for under 20 double cheeseburgers.

Slacker White T-Shirt

Slacker White T-Shirt

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Sanibel Slacker - Dark T-Shirt

Sanibel Slacker - Dark T-Shirt

This Sanibel T-shirt proclaims you as an official Sanibel Island slacker. The island lifestyle manual suggests that it perfectly acceptable to be a little lazy in matters of shelling, sunbathing or be

Busy at cellular level Dark T-Shirt

Busy at cellular level Dark T-Shirt

Lazy? Couch Potato? Here's your response - It might look like i'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level i'm really quite busy