Friday, February 27, 2009

More than Psychedelic T Shirts from Symbolika

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OK, so I got an email suggesting that I go check out this line of "psychedelic t-shirts" and I must admit ... my first thought was "oh boy, more tie dyed wanna be Grateful Dead T Shirt type junk. I can smell the patchouli oil already" (sorry yoav)

Boy was I wrong! These t-shirts are really, REALLY cool! Beautiful even.

Although the word "psychedelic" was a turn off to me ... and they are definately, um, inspired by kalidescopes and such ... the craftsmanship and artistic nature of these tees can not be ignored.

And printed front and back? Who does that anymore? Kudos, my friends!

For the first time ever, I am really at a loss to describe these t shirts in any way that I feel conveys what exactly they are, so, I have, for the first time ever, been forced to resort to plaguerism. I really hope the folks at don't mind.

In their own words...
"... many of the design elements are based on sacred geometry, tessellation and mandalas with traditional and original symbolism. other designs are inspired from hindu and buddhist myths, yoga, spirituality, Kabbalah, shamanism & music. visionary artists such as alex grey, robert venosa, salvador dali, m.c. escher, pablo amaringo and others are also a source of inspiration."

Quite a mouthful, eh? Well, I couldn't have said it better myself, so I figured I wouldn't even try.

So, if I'm reading this right, they run about 25 Euros each ... so, under $32 USD. (currency conversions aren't my bag). That really is a mere pittance for such a quality item.

Thanks for the heads up.

(and don't forget to click the Win a Free T Shirt" link.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vote Acropolis at Always LAST DAY!

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OK, so we got a little friendly rivalry thing going on at Always Urban .com. There are 4 t-shirt design companies looking for bragging rights.

Among them is Acropolis.

Vote Acropolis in the AlwaysUrban Brand Battle

Why did I vote for Acropolis instead of the others? Honestly, I'm not familiar with the others (and I will be back for a much closer look) but Acropolis has been knocking 'em out of the park since day one. Really great design work - but hey, you vote for whoever you want.

I think it stands to note that the Acropolos folks are really cool, helpful people. They have always been good to me - they got some serious points for that.

Go get involved at And don't forget to cruise around. There is a reason they are so proud of the designers that they have teamed up with.

Monday, February 23, 2009 Made Me Smile. Funny "Receive Bacon" T Shirt

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I spent a good 25 minutes cruising the t shirts site for something to reach out and grab me. Either I'm in a bad mood - or all the sites seem to have a lot of the same totaly played out stuff.

At minute 25, while at I came across this little number...

It apparently offered me the slightly twisted viewpoint I was craving today.

Incase the print is too small - it says "Push Button, Receive Bacon" - proving once again just how difficult it is to find just the right icon for slightly abstract thoughts like heat.

At $16.95 this bacon t shirt is a keeper.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Your Average Ramones T Shirt - Johnny Ramone from Vans

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Somehow the Ramones have come back into vogue - which is funny - just because by the time I got my first Ramones T shirt (a decade and a half ago) I totally felt like a poser.

Apparently, the rug rats running around with the new Ramones T shirts think it's a new thing. Good for them. I have no problem with today's youth being inspired by songs with only 3 chords. Really. I find it somewhat comforting, not that I can explain it.

********** MORE RAMONES T SHIRTS HERE ********

Anyway, step out of the norm with this really very cook oversize printed Johnny Ramone t shirt. The graphic is huge, but subtle for a washed out look so you can tell your buds it's an original from the 70's.

Grab this Vans Johnny Ramone T Shirt at for a slick $14.99. A bargain.

Monday, February 16, 2009

April fools day is a bt early this year....

Posted on/at 1:09 PM by leo pond

It looks like we may have been duped. Tee Shirt hell is not closing its doors, looking back it was pretty obvious, i mean in this economy who shuts their doors on purpose, especially Tee Shirt Hell ! So it looks like there will be no lack of adult tees available on the interwebs, so if you have an inkling for some twisted humor please visit and for the full story, check it out . I applaud Tee Shirt hell for an ingenious marketing strategy, it apparently worked with them selling over 100,000 shirts on this promotion !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Irish? Wanna be? Get the Jump on St. Patrick's Day T Shirts

Posted on/at 10:41 PM by Web Thing

I know. I know. I'm late for everything. So why the rediculously early post for St. Patty's Day shirts? Honestly, it just boils down to me missing the boat on Valentine's day ... so I figured I would try to get a leg up. Besides, I'm Irish.

My pick for the St. Patrick's Day shirt to be seen in this year? Here she is ... from

Short and Sweet. Nothing too schticky. Not necessarily a "once a year" shirt. Not totally green - and can actually be worn every day in Boston, if you are lucky enough to be a resident of the capitol of Red Sox Nation.

So snag one for you and for each of the members of your drinking team and be ready to roll when March 17th rolls around. GOOD NEWS ... they are also available in more colors, presumably to mask the green beer one of you hammered (pronounced HAM - id) buddies is gonna dump all over you - either on purpose or not.

So, click on over to FSG for either this "I Shamrock You T shirt", or one of the many other St. Patrick's Day T Shirts where they will run you a cool $16.99 and up.

Sweet Ice T's ... Where it's at

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OK, so I'm still looking for the t-shirt that says "I saw a puppet at Tangs with a mullett and a popsicle" ... until then this t-shirt from sweeticets is a clever nod to Beck. (maybe I gotta get back to Cafepress and get my DIY on. )
Shop or Create What's on Your Mind at CafePress

************ Band T Shirts ***************

This struck me funny, clever, etc ... probably because I've had a Beck cd playing in my car for the last month.

Anyway ... anyone with a radio knows where it's at. Two turntables and a microphone should totally clue you in.

************ Band T Shirts ***************

Not a Beck fan? No prob - still a cool t shirt. Clocking in at $16.99 at SweetTs try this groovy t shirt or one of the other ones.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OH SNAP! Finally, Photo T Shirts Worth Wearing

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So, the photo t shirt is usually reserved for Bob's Retirement Party, with a less than flattering photo of Bob sleeping at his desk, snapped by Ernie in accounting on his kid's digital camera .... or you know, one with all the grandkids for Grandma ... or Bill's first birthday. All good uses for the photo t shirt - but let's face it ... not for everyone.

Enter Oh Snap!

Take some great photography, by real artists and put those on a shirt. Sure it's been tried before with limited success, but keep an eye out for these folks. The shirts are killer.

Not even on the market yet they are creating a wonderful buzz. And why not? They have certainly taken the photo concept to the next level. What's the catch? You can't buy 'em. At least not yet. They will go on sale to retail outlets with a wholesale price of , I think, $15. That means you can expect to score one when they come available for $30 and up. Well worth it if you ask me.

If you need great tees for your store, I suggest you meet up with these folks in Vegas later this month.

Real art on a t-shirt. Loving it.

See what's ahead at Oh Snap.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Recession Proof Your Wardrobe at 6 Dollar Shirts!

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6 Dollar Shirts?

Yup, you heard right! ... Not Crazy enough for you? Fine ... how about 10 shirts for $50?

Sweet deal. The best part? There are a LOT of shirts to pick from so you won't have to kill yourself to find 5 you like to score the sweet deal. Heck, you even get to choose what color shirt for most of 'em, so even if you only find one you like you can get it in 5 colors.

This bad boy came from their retro section. C'mon, say it with me ... "I'm Hot." ... "I'm Thirsty"..."KOOL AID" and then that happy faced punch bowl guy would come crashing though a wall or a fence to save the children from certain heat exaustion and/or dehydration.
My hero.
Anyways ... get over to and start a collection today...
or just go get the Kool Aid T-shirt.