Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Your Average Ramones T Shirt - Johnny Ramone from Vans

Posted on/at 7:22 PM by Web Thing

Somehow the Ramones have come back into vogue - which is funny - just because by the time I got my first Ramones T shirt (a decade and a half ago) I totally felt like a poser.

Apparently, the rug rats running around with the new Ramones T shirts think it's a new thing. Good for them. I have no problem with today's youth being inspired by songs with only 3 chords. Really. I find it somewhat comforting, not that I can explain it.

********** MORE RAMONES T SHIRTS HERE ********

Anyway, step out of the norm with this really very cook oversize printed Johnny Ramone t shirt. The graphic is huge, but subtle for a washed out look so you can tell your buds it's an original from the 70's.

Grab this Vans Johnny Ramone T Shirt at TShirts.JBGrady.com for a slick $14.99. A bargain.


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