Friday, June 27, 2008

Crave; It's a Restaurant. It's a T Shirt. It's Both!

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Crave. Just a darn good word. Simple, yet unmistakable.

I crave a cup of coffee in the morning. I'm also known to crave a cold brew at about 4:30 on the occassional Friday. Ask a pregnant woman about the word "crave" and you'll have yourself an interesting conversation for sure ... but I digress, and you are probably getting a little bored.

So, I started out trying to find ficticious business t shirts ... and found this really great site with cool stuff for actual, true to life, honest to goodness businesses. Funny how that works sometimes.

Check it out: If you are like me, and you want stuff that your buddies won't have, this place is certianly worth a look. Restaurants, Service Stations, Book Stores ... and my favorites ... independant brewhouses and pubs. And they all actually exist!

Whatever you are into, I'll bet they have something. How tacky does that sound?

BTW, Crave is a resuarant in Seattle, WA, USA ... If you were wondering. And the Crave T shirt costs 22 buckeroos. Did I mention I really like this shirt? Well I do. Don't forget to check out the frying pan on the front. Nice touch!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMG - Blogger Posts Over 143 T Shirt Fashion Blogs!

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YAHOO! Andy over at Hide Your Arms has listed 143 (and counting) blog sites that feature your and my favorite fashion item - the T SHIRT!

... and I am extremely proud to say that I made the list! Yup, little 'ol me! My blog made the list and I can't be more thrilled.

Sites on the list range from free blog spot blogs like mine to some with a little corporate muscle behind them. It's the most comprehensive list of t shirt blogs available on this or any other planet.

I want to take a little time to thank the man behind it all - THANKS ANDY! You display a dedication and professionalism that all bloggers, t-shirt or otherwise, should strive for.

You have even encouraged me to push harder to write daily ... (bringing to my attention that I was only writing about once a week was a real eye opener - I swore it was more than that)

Anyway, if you are a t shirt guy, or girl, you will find a plethora of goodies at Hide Your Arms - not only on the big honking list, but in the daily blog posts - to which I recommend you subscribe - you wouldn't want to miss anything.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bicycle Recycle - More Green Goodness from HodgePodgeInk

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I know. I just can't stop with the "save-the-planet-eco-friendly-recycle" stuff ...

...but come on, this t shirt has its artistic merits well beyond the Recycle - Bicycle message. Even if you didn't notice the clever design to be "green", didn't catch the recycle angle, or haven't ridden a bicycle since you were 10 ... it's a damn cool looking shirt.

And don't worry, I haven't gone full on "crunchy-granola-Berkinstock-wearing" on you, (or have I? Guess that remains to be seen.) It's just sort of where my mind is right now, and it's my blog, so deal with it.

Anyhow - ride your bike to work - even better, ride your bike to work wearing this Bicycle - Recycle t shirt from Hodge Podge Ink.

Just think how cool you will look wearing it to the coffee shop, ordering your shade grown half-caff-mocha-latte and asking them nicely to use your washable organic travel mug.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint T Shirt

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Reduce your carbon footprint!

I was so inspired by my previous post, that I just had to take a crack at a "carbon footprint t shirt".

So I went to cafepress, after a little time in Photoshop, and here's what you get. My exclusive Carbon Footprint T Shirt on an organic cotton (of course). I tried to be subtle, yet firm. Notice no "pleases" or "thank yous"

How do you reduce this mysterious carbon footprint? Easy.

  • Ride your bike to work if at all possible. If not, carpool.
  • Turn off the lights and applances when your not using them (ok, Mom, you were right all along)
  • Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. ... (as well as reuse, re-purpose)
  • Look for organic cleaning products (the other stuff can leach into the ground, and become part of your drinking water supply ... yummy)
  • Say no to styrofoam. Use a washable coffee cup.
  • Use a rag. Paper towels are a repeat offender. (This one is not easy for me)

There's a start. See all that I'm learning from Planet Green TV?

Now go get yer stinking shirt for 20 bucks. When your done with it, shred it and use it to clean up that spilled sustainable coffee with those organic cleaning products.

Buy the shirt here, please. Thank you.

Planet Green (tv) T Shirt

Posted on/at 9:34 AM by Web Thing

My ecological footprint is smaller than yours! (<---that would look great on a tee shirt, free for the taking) Have you all seen Planet Green TV? Dare I say it's more addictive than Food Network TV? DirecTV Satellite subscribers can find this channe1 on 289.

************ TV Show T Shirts ***************

I'm not sure how I happened upon it, actually, but now when my tv is on (which was constantly before I was labled an Eco-Criminal for doing so) it's on this channel.

For those of you unfamiliar, here's the lineup:
(The following information was taken from and is used here soley to display an accurate representation of the programming they offer.

Alter Eco
Alter Eco is an eco lifestyle and makeover series presented by Adrian Grenier and his entourage of green activists, experts, and friends. As all work and no play makes for a dull show, Adrian always concludes Alter Eco with a meal or a gathering where he and his green team celebrate their accomplishments for the week.

Saving over 40% on energy bills while also increasing property value by 25% sounds impossible, but Greenovate shows viewers just how to make this lofty dream a reality in their own households.

On May 4, 2007, a deadly tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas, ripping the town to shreds. Ninety-five percent of the town was destroyed, eleven lives were tragically lost, and survivors were left without homes, businesses, schools and basic city services. Greensburg was gone, and it seemed that all was lost for its residents.

G Word
Being green is no longer just for granola-loving hippies. It's a lifestyle, an attitude, a state-of-mind, and it's shaking up the pop-culture landscape. Forget what you think you know about what being green means and get ready for G Word...

Hollywood Green
Hollywood Green delivers the latest in news regarding Hollywood stars and starlets who are going green while making headlines in movies, TV shows, and music.

Living With Ed
Ed Begley, Jr. is a celebrated American actor and a dedicated family man, but he's especially proud of being a renowned environmentalist. A show with humor and heart, Living with Ed delves into the real life of a die hard activist who puts his green where his home is.

Mean Green Machines
Mean Green Machines is a turbocharged thrill ride jam-packed with the latest, fastest, and greenest vehicles, bikes, and even aircrafts. These machines are hot off the prototype assembly line and fresh from the most inventive eco-friendly minds in the world. In ten half-hour episodes, environmentally friendly machines are pitted against their fuel-injected twin.

Renovation Nation
The green home building movement is unfolding in real time on each hour-long, information-packed episode of Renovation Nation, which answers the burning questions that every homeowner in America has about going green.

Stuff Happens
This exciting half-hour series engages the viewer with astonishing information, easy-to-follow science, lighthearted demonstrations, expert interviews and connective story-telling to amplify growing problems in the environment and important solutions.

Anyway, if effeciency, solar, electric and wind power and making a difference fascinate you, go check it out. Planet Green

So far my approach to watching this channel is very similar to my approach with Food Network. Just as I can be found eating a bologna sandwich while Iron Chf Flay makes some tasty treat with some exotic fish, I can also be found watching Wa$ted (highly recommended program, BTW) with 2 computers running, alll the lights on and drinking a 16 oz bottle water - but I'm working on it. Awareness is the first step, right?

Monday, June 23, 2008

2:37 am, Industrial, Gritty, Detroit Duds

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Whether you consider Detroit to be Rock City, or you are more of an 8 Mile kinda guy, look no further than what they are doing over at 2:37 am. They bill themselves as industrial and gritty - which they are - but don't overlook the artistic value in these t shirts.

The words exciting, refreshing & unique also come to mind when cruising their catalog. Picking my favorite came down to the funky retro stripes on the shirt itself - but all the designs are top shelf.

Look for buildings, cool text fonts, great use of color (and lack thereof) and just plain interesting designs.

This one, h20-treat1, will cost you about $29.50 but that's the high end of their prices. (The low end is around $21.50 ... and the majority of the t shirts fall in between.

Now the real question is, what does the name "237am" mean? Hmm? Intriguing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rinsay T- Shirts ... What a Ball!

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I got an email. Took a look. Liked what I saw. And here we are ...

See how easy that is? Thanks Ryan! Cool stuff.

The folks at Rinsay Clothing are pumping out quite an eclectic mix of goodies. All quite different. All with thier own message. None that suck.

This one here, The Masquerade (printed on American Apparel) is one I would definately wear just about anywhere. Hats, masks, canes & ballgowns - what more do you want?

It clocks in at a cool $39 ... others range from 30 - 39.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Political T Shirts Go Retro with

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OK, so it's only June and I'm pretty much tired of hearing about the top 3 (2 now, but one won't go away) Presidential hopefuls.

Want a taste of a simpler time? Well, maybe not all that simple - but simple for me ... mainly because I was only 3 years old. I have to admit, the only thing I remember about Jimmy Carter is peanuts. Either way, the great retro look of this t shirt makes it worth wearing all on its own - no matter what your political views (then or now).

Go back in time with this and many more retro political campaign t shirts from Retro Campaigns. (The site also has a bunch of great & notable qoutes from the historical political figures that they feature)

This Jimmy Carter '76 Tshirt will run you a measley $19.99.

I Want Roosevelt Again Women's Dark T-Shirt

Bill Clinton for First Lady White T-Shirt

McGovern in '72 Kids Baseball Jersey

KENNEDY Dark T-Shirt

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shady Characters over at Detour Designables

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Simply shady.

Something ever just sort of strike you as funny, and you really aren't sure why ... and explaining it to your friends just seems to make the problem worse and your friends suggest that maybe it is time for some serious therapy?
That's kinda where I'm at with this t shirt. I love it ... but I really can't even begin to put into words why ... so I won't.

Thanks to Detour Designables for putting me in this awkward situation.

Now go get yer Shady T Shirt in their Cafe Press store for 19 bucks.