Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vote for your Favorite T Shirt @ Ink Hound

Posted on/at 7:53 AM by Web Thing

Just when you thought all the fun and excitement of voting was over ... not so fast.

Enter Ink-Hound.com. A new community driven t-shirt site. Artist can create shirts - the public can vote on 'em - and ink-hound prints the winner and offers them up for sale.

Not necessarily a new concept, but I feel there is some room for growth in this space and I wish 'em luck. Anything that brings cool artistry to the t shirt and t-shirt wearing community I'm behind it.

Artists - start creating; the rest of you (us) get involved and vote - then go score yerself a limited addition t-shirt. Looks like the prices will be real user friendly 12 BUCKS!!! with specials at 6 bucks!
Thanks ink-hound, I wish ya all the best!
PS - the t-shirt above? Yeah, that got my vote.