Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Ice T's ... Where it's at

Posted on/at 8:04 AM by Web Thing

OK, so I'm still looking for the t-shirt that says "I saw a puppet at Tangs with a mullett and a popsicle" ... until then this t-shirt from sweeticets is a clever nod to Beck. (maybe I gotta get back to Cafepress and get my DIY on. )
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This struck me funny, clever, etc ... probably because I've had a Beck cd playing in my car for the last month.

Anyway ... anyone with a radio knows where it's at. Two turntables and a microphone should totally clue you in.

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Not a Beck fan? No prob - still a cool t shirt. Clocking in at $16.99 at SweetTs try this groovy t shirt or one of the other ones.