Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vote Acropolis at Always LAST DAY!

Posted on/at 9:17 AM by Web Thing

OK, so we got a little friendly rivalry thing going on at Always Urban .com. There are 4 t-shirt design companies looking for bragging rights.

Among them is Acropolis.

Vote Acropolis in the AlwaysUrban Brand Battle

Why did I vote for Acropolis instead of the others? Honestly, I'm not familiar with the others (and I will be back for a much closer look) but Acropolis has been knocking 'em out of the park since day one. Really great design work - but hey, you vote for whoever you want.

I think it stands to note that the Acropolos folks are really cool, helpful people. They have always been good to me - they got some serious points for that.

Go get involved at And don't forget to cruise around. There is a reason they are so proud of the designers that they have teamed up with.