Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OH SNAP! Finally, Photo T Shirts Worth Wearing

Posted on/at 8:12 AM by Web Thing

So, the photo t shirt is usually reserved for Bob's Retirement Party, with a less than flattering photo of Bob sleeping at his desk, snapped by Ernie in accounting on his kid's digital camera .... or you know, one with all the grandkids for Grandma ... or Bill's first birthday. All good uses for the photo t shirt - but let's face it ... not for everyone.

Enter Oh Snap!

Take some great photography, by real artists and put those on a shirt. Sure it's been tried before with limited success, but keep an eye out for these folks. The shirts are killer.

Not even on the market yet they are creating a wonderful buzz. And why not? They have certainly taken the photo concept to the next level. What's the catch? You can't buy 'em. At least not yet. They will go on sale to retail outlets with a wholesale price of , I think, $15. That means you can expect to score one when they come available for $30 and up. Well worth it if you ask me.

If you need great tees for your store, I suggest you meet up with these folks in Vegas later this month.

Real art on a t-shirt. Loving it.

See what's ahead at Oh Snap.