Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nico Starr Prepares to Take on the Big Boys

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You know me, I love the little guys (and gals), so when Nico Starr asked me to weigh in on her new t shirt website - I was more than happy to check it out. Not like she really wants to take on the big guys - she has found her niche. Clever, leaning toward cute... and a whole lot of it.

At first glance, this t shirt made me think "dang, I miss my Tonka Bucketloader", but upon further inspection I changed my tune and was routing for the shovel. Who doesn't love an underdog - think David and Goliath - playground style.

The fun doesn't end there, and seeing as I only feature one shirt per post - your going to have to check out the others at Nicostarr.com . (Other favorites include "Old School" and "Seven Ate Nine") What can I say ... I'm just a big kid, and if you are too I recommend you check it out.

The t shirt above "Eye of the Tiger" will only set you back $17 to $28, depending on the quality and style of t shirt you choose. (About the same with all of the other designs too)

Go get 'em Nico!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Red Sox T Shirts - Rather be at Fenway

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Red Sox T Shirt ... Ahh Fenway

Who else is excited to see Boston Red Sox skipper Francona in the Yankee dugout for the last All Star game at Yankee Stadium? Well, if you are lucky enough to have tickets, I found the perfect t shirt. I Would Rather Be At Fenway.

With Pedroia hitting up a storm and a pitching staff thats so much fun to watch - where else would I rather be? Fenway, baby! Boston, MA. , USA! Home of the Green Monster, the Pesky Pole ... and finally, not one but two RECENT championship banners. (who woulda thunk?)

************Boston Red Sox T Shirts***************

PS. Congrats to Tek on the All Star thing - say what you will - but the players voted him in - remember the "intangibles" eveyone keeps talking about? No one knows these better than the guys that take the field everyday. As sports heros continue to be role models, whether they like it or not, "All-Star" should mean much, much more that your batting average.

Anyway - the shirt is a tiny $14 drop in the bucket over at ChowdahHeads.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love and a 45 (RPM Record)

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Anyone remember the 45 RPM record?

Remember that funky little doohicky that that you needed to keep it on the turntable? Remember trying to get along without one, with either perfect placement (which never worked) or trying to fashion your own with scotch tape and cardboard - among other things?

************ Band T Shirts ***************

Bring the nostalgia back! Your neighbors will drift off to a far away place when they see this shirt - and thier kids will think its a cool design - having absolutely no frame of reference to what it actually is.

I totally dig this kind of juxtaposition (is that the right word?)

Either way, kudos to the folks at Symbols on Stuff for this simple yet evocative t shirt.

Want one? Want 2? Remember, you can never have too many 45 RPM record adaptors hanging around. Other colors available too! Get em here: 45 RMP Record Adapter T Shirt.