Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going Green and Saving Green at 6 Dollar Shirts

Posted on/at 11:21 AM by Web Thing

Happy Earth Day Y'all!

So, when I think of going green I also have a tendency to think about saving green (cash). While not everything in my tee shirt wardrobe is 100% locally grown or made, organic, fair trade or otherwise, I like to think big picture. If I can save a few bucks on my clothing and get stuff I like to wear, well, the extra dough can go into my savings for solar panels, rain collectors and electric bicycles.

That said, there are some groovy tee shirts over at that can remind you that earthday should be everyday.

For example: Go Green...
Ride your bike ... Recycle...
...or consider going (at least a litte) vegetarian.

And if that's not enough, or not your style. No sweat. They have tons of other non-crunchy-birkenstock-wearing selections to choose from.

Want to save more? Get 10 t shirts for $50. That's just 5 bucks each. Or try your luck at a random mystery shirt for a rediculous $2.95. (10 of those babies comes in at under $30)

Think you got skills? Submit your own design for the chance to win $350 US in cold hard cash!

Now get outta hear and grab some $6 (or $5, or $2.95) t shirts.

To get there, just use one of my conveniently placed banner ads on the sides of this page - love those guys (and gals)!!!