Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Restaurant T Shirts - Collect 'em All at Hungry Potato

Posted on/at 9:56 AM by Web Thing

That's What I'm Talking About!

Foodies rejoice! Get your favorite restaurant t-shirts onling at Hungry Potato! Food, chefs and restaurant have really taken center stage thanks to The Food Network, Hell's Kitchen and, of course Top Chef!

(Did you know you can actually place your bets on the next White House chef online? I'm sure it's illegal, so I don't recommend it.)

Nothing beats a great Restaurant or pub t-shirt, for a number of reasons.

1. Bragging rights.

2. Cool Artwork (chef's and restaurantuers know that you "eat with your eyes first" - translating into great design.

3. Catch Phrases.

I absolutley love my Casey's t shirt I snagged at a great bar where I drank all the Guiness I could one night, after a long day of conferences in Chicago - the best part? The back says "Be nice or be gone" as well as my personal mantra " ABSOLUTELY NO DANCING"

But I digress ... This sample is from Ford's Filling Station - an establishment I was fortunate to dine in when I lived just a few miles away. For me it's the reason to head to that particular part of LA - then wander around because Culver City is a great area. (Try the tar-tar)

Did we mention that Ben Ford won the Sandwich Challenge on Food Network?

And yeah, it's Harrison Ford's son ... but cut the guy some slack. He is a true Chef, which takes a reduculous amount of hard work. No slacker celeb kid here. In my opinion, it just proves the fact that this man has a true passion for food, the accolades to prove it, and the chops to deliver.

Anyway, the Ford's Filling Station t shirt is 30 buck s- get this and more from HungryPotato.com. Want more? Get free shipping by typing "FREESHIP" in the appropriate place at checkout.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Infinite T Shirts at Modern Classic

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I love this shirt! Coming from a guy, who as a kid, would stand in front of a mirror - holding a mirror - for hours on end .... I guess it's no suprise.

This clever design - as well as a bunch that people without the mirror issues will enjoy, is available from Modern Classics. Most of them seem to be geared towards gamers - (although I'm not sure - cuz I don't "get" them)

There truly is something for everyone - including " That's Enough, John Mayer" - one I personally feel eveyone should own. (Therefore qualifying Modern Classics for "something for everyone" status)

The hypno-shirt and the John Mayer one ... as well as all the others will run you a cool $19.99.

Got a gamer on your Xmas list ... then get going ... to check out the Modern Classics store!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vote for your Favorite T Shirt @ Ink Hound

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Just when you thought all the fun and excitement of voting was over ... not so fast.

Enter Ink-Hound.com. A new community driven t-shirt site. Artist can create shirts - the public can vote on 'em - and ink-hound prints the winner and offers them up for sale.

Not necessarily a new concept, but I feel there is some room for growth in this space and I wish 'em luck. Anything that brings cool artistry to the t shirt and t-shirt wearing community I'm behind it.

Artists - start creating; the rest of you (us) get involved and vote - then go score yerself a limited addition t-shirt. Looks like the prices will be real user friendly 12 BUCKS!!! with specials at 6 bucks!
Thanks ink-hound, I wish ya all the best!
PS - the t-shirt above? Yeah, that got my vote.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

T Shirts from "My Virtual Closet" @ Shop ForClothes.com

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WOW ... been a while. Sorry - just busy in the real world I suppose.

In an attempt to make up for lost time, I decided to post a bunch of shirts that I liked from ShopForClothes.com. They have a neat gizmo that allows me to store the stuff I like (of course mine is loaded down with T-Shirts)

They call it a Virtual Closet - and hopefull yit will help me make up for my slacking. The good news is that they offer the code for me to post the stuff I like, just as you see below.

Check it out at: http://www.shopforclothes.com/my-virtual-closet.html

You shop like normal, but chose "buy later" (instead of "Buy Now"), then see all of your stuff next time you log in in your "Closet".

Its also got some "mix and match" thing that I assume lets you create outfits. Seeing as all I have in their are t-shirts, I didn't have a use for it. Maybe I'll add some jeans and see what happens. Enjoy!

My Virtual Closet
See More Clothes at ShopForClothes.com