Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Band T Shirts on Sale at Fanfire.com

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Fanfire Hot Summer Sale

Only 8 Days left to get your band t-shirts on sale at fanfire.com.
From the Allman Brothers to ZZ top ... and suprizingly, pretty much everything in between. What I mean by that is that we arn't just talking 70's bands, even though a Kiss t shirt is next on my list. You can also get Tupak, Mariah Carey ... and even Robin Williams t shirts.

Why did I choose Steve Miller? Easy. When I was in High School my best friends all had different musical taste. One liked the guitar stylings of Joe Satriani, another liked anything from the early days of Rap and I leaned more toward the hairbands and some punky stuff.

One thing we could all agree on was Steve Miller, so when the 3 of us got together to cruise the beaches the Greatest hits album was pretty much always in the cassette deck.

The good news? You can now score this t-shirt for $14.99 (down from an already fair $19.99)

Click below to get started on your search for a heavily discounted band t-shirt.

Fanfire Hot Summer Sale

Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Twist on Inspiration; Phanica T Shirts

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Take a boatload of inspiration, a truck load of hard work and a head full of dreams and what do you have? Phanica.

It's all about walking the walk & talking the talk. About scratching that itch. About digging deep. About taking huge risks and believing that the little voice in your head has your back when it tells you that you won't fall flat on your face. Phanica.

Now, I don't want to ruin the whole story for you, so go check out the t-shirts and the inspirational story behind them at Phanica.com. Phil (and company) have created the perfect synergistic union between business philosophy and goods.

The t-shirts represent all of the qualities that got the company off the ground. Dreaming, Journeying Beyond Yourself and more.

Anyhow, about the shirt - I'm guessing for the most part it's pretty self expanatory. All of 'em include the keyhole logo - and if you want to know about it's origin I figure it's best to go read the whole story on their website.

Coming in at a very reasonable $19.99, it's not too tough to make this Journey Beyond Yourself T Shirt part of your collection.

P.S. Hey Phil, what's the name of that book your Mom gave you?