Saturday, December 17, 2011

King of the Lab T Shirt (Bones Reference)

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Sure the Bones TV show (on FOX) revolves around FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and their quirky "whodathunk" relationship/partnership ...but where exactly would they be without entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins. the self dubbed "King of the Lab".

So here's a t-shirt for the "Squint" in your life. Show them you know they are the actual king of the lab. Or, if you happen to run the science (or related) department in your neck of the woods - snag one for yourself.

This puppy is just $20.99 at cafepress: King of the Lab T-Shirt

Friday, September 23, 2011

Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing @

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(audio transcript)

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Sounds good, right? Well, here’s something even better: at 1-800-Clothes, our mission is to
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That’s what we mean when we say that 1-800-Clothes is a one-stop shop: we can handle any
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Visit our website or call 1-800-Clothes for more. (title: Yes, that is a real phone number)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caffeine Addict T Shirt from NachoMamaTees

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Coffee anyone? I'm a coffee guy. I am NOT a mocha choco latte guy. I'm a pot a day, as long as it's brown and isn't too crunchy I'm drinkin' it kinda guy. I'm not a coffee snob. I get more enjoyment from a $1 coffee from the gas station than a $3 coffee from Starbucks. Not to bag on Starbucks, I'll drink that too.

I also don't have a "usual". Sometime black, sometimes cream, sometimes sugar, sometimes cream and sugar. (My grandfather once told me that if you learn to drink your coffee black, you'll always be able to get it they way you want) Iced, scorching hot, room temp ... yup, I'm drinking any and all of those too. I grew up in Rhode Island ... they come just short of putting iced coffee in you baby bottle. (No joke, Rhode Island has cornered the market on coffee flavored syrups. Two competing companies make it - it's like chocolate syrup for chocolate milk, except it is coffee flavored ... Here's one.

UPDATE; apparently Autocrat purchased Eclipse, so there really only one company making the coffee syrup.

So, um, yeah ... possibly a little bit of an addiction going on to the old caffeine. Last month I bought a case of Red Bull from the local warehouse store, but that was too much. I peaked at about 3 per day ... and I was a raging butthole.... so now I'm back to my first love, coffee.

Anyway, I thought this Caffeine Addict (apparently that's the chemical symbol formula for caffeine, and I'm taking their word for it) would be appropriate. Get yours for just $14.99 at

Solar Power Turns Me On T Shirt ;

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So, since I came to live in Las Vegas, the whole idea of solar powered gadgets, cars, lights etc has really intrigued me. I even baked some bread in my makeshift solar oven this weekend with my 5 year old.
I honestly expected to find some type of t shirt with a solar panel and lights or an ipod charger embedded in it while I was hunting around for Solar T Shirts (and I'll keep looking) but this one caught my eye - mainly because solar power, does in fact, turn me on a little.

So while my daydreams of an off grid weekend cabin continue to be just daydreams, it's nice to know I could at least score this tee shirt for a meager $16.99 at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Faves (the Red Sox & Dropkick Murphys) - One Shirt

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Trolling around to see what kind of fun, interesting or innovative t-shirts may have been posted of late of my (currently 1st place AL East, with a 3 game lead over the Yankees) 2011 Red Sox, I stumbled across this baby.

While it may look like your typical pub t-shirt, it ain't. It actually includes a play on the lyrics from the Dropkick Murphys version of "Tessie".

"Tessie, 'Nuff Said McGreevy shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly..."
see all lyrics here

Which in and of itself is a play on an old Broadway tune of which I just don't care to go into the history.
Learn more about the song at Wikipedia.

Check out the Tessie Video on Youtube and see if you think this shirt is nearly as clever as I do.

Anyway this Tessie Tee by BostonSportsTees will run you $27 at Cafepress.

Herbie the Love Bug T-Shirt

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So, who doesn't like Classic VW Bus? And who doesn't like Racing Stripes? And who doesn't love a vw bug with racing stripes that can't hold his Irish Whiskey?
Honestly, I don't remeber a whole lot about the original Love Bug movie ... and may never get around to viewing the remake with Lyndsey Lohan ... but i really do dig racing stripes, numbers and vw bugs .. so for me this shirt is a winner.

I also like that it would seemingly  appeal to those who have never heard of Herbie ... just a cool tee shirt if you ask me.

This particular little number is available at RedBubble (created by UrbanDog) Check it out here: Herbie Love Bug Shirt ... for $24.94.    (buy 4 items from  redbubble and get free shipping)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VW Bus T Shirt

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So, I'm in the market for a used car ... a minivan to be exact ... but I soooo totally want to get my hands on an old VW Bus .... and eventually convert it to electric, because, let's face it ... I don't travel more than 30 miles a day anyway, and I'm super cheap.

My love affair with the bus was rekindled when I happened upon a little classic car meet and greet in the parking lot of the local grocery store. There she was, all in baby blue with a totally bright white interior ... and actually quite a bit smaller than I remember as a kid. (Much like the one in this drawing)

Anyway, while I could go on, who really wants to hear it? So now go grab this groovy VW Bus T-Shirt for $15.95 at