Friday, February 27, 2009

More than Psychedelic T Shirts from Symbolika

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OK, so I got an email suggesting that I go check out this line of "psychedelic t-shirts" and I must admit ... my first thought was "oh boy, more tie dyed wanna be Grateful Dead T Shirt type junk. I can smell the patchouli oil already" (sorry yoav)

Boy was I wrong! These t-shirts are really, REALLY cool! Beautiful even.

Although the word "psychedelic" was a turn off to me ... and they are definately, um, inspired by kalidescopes and such ... the craftsmanship and artistic nature of these tees can not be ignored.

And printed front and back? Who does that anymore? Kudos, my friends!

For the first time ever, I am really at a loss to describe these t shirts in any way that I feel conveys what exactly they are, so, I have, for the first time ever, been forced to resort to plaguerism. I really hope the folks at don't mind.

In their own words...
"... many of the design elements are based on sacred geometry, tessellation and mandalas with traditional and original symbolism. other designs are inspired from hindu and buddhist myths, yoga, spirituality, Kabbalah, shamanism & music. visionary artists such as alex grey, robert venosa, salvador dali, m.c. escher, pablo amaringo and others are also a source of inspiration."

Quite a mouthful, eh? Well, I couldn't have said it better myself, so I figured I wouldn't even try.

So, if I'm reading this right, they run about 25 Euros each ... so, under $32 USD. (currency conversions aren't my bag). That really is a mere pittance for such a quality item.

Thanks for the heads up.

(and don't forget to click the Win a Free T Shirt" link.)


Anthony Chapman said...

Cool designs. If you like art t-shirts, you should check out mine. I'm fairly new to designing t-shirts, but I treat each one as a work of art. Hope you like them.

Pangajian Pane said...

Hei, I saw Simbolica, they did a need work
But check out Blacksheephybrid, another Psychedeic T-shirt lines that you should check out, not sure how to activate the link but this is the website:
Cool original and rare designs, most psychedelic and some classic and no religious mission on them, trust me :)
The actual T-shirt print actually more sharp than the photos and got a super durable black light reactive inks, no need complicated washing rule, and affordable ;)