Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recycle Tee Shirt - See I Buy This Stuff!

Posted on/at 1:01 PM by Web Thing

So, here is the recycle t shirt mentioned in a previous post that I got as part of my major ($50 + Shipping) 5 dollar tee shirt deal from

Why sure, I make a commission if you click on the links all over this blog and buy something .... and by 2015 I may have even gotten you to buy enough stuff to cover this purchase - but I do have to shell out my own hard earned dough to actually get stuff into my wardrobe ... and I'm a cheap SOB. That why the buy 10 for 5 bucks each deal at is sooooo appealing.

And, if you are on my Christmas list .... yup, you are getting another t-shirt this year. Still plenty of time to get some for your Christmas gifts as well. Lots of designs and different colors of shirts to choose from. If you are like me, you'll put it in a big box ... but if your not, well, then you can probably ball up one of these babies into a small enough wad to cram it into a stocking.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

45 RPM Record Adapter T Shirt from

Posted on/at 1:26 PM by Web Thing

So, I get asked quite a bit whether I actually purchase the tee shirts I promote or if I just talk about them. Here is your answer. While the truth is that I don't always purchase everything I like, (because, lets face it, who can afford to do that?) I am a sucker for a sweet deal.

I got this 45 rpm record adapter shirt from - along with 9 others. Why so many? Because ordering 10 makes your 6 dollar shirts a mere 5 bucks (plus shipping).

For those wondering about the sizes, this is an XL on a 5'8" 180lb male. The shirts are printed on different shirts - I think depending on the color you choose. ( That's right, you get to choose the color shirt you want decorated at 6 dollar shirts too) I do my best to give some more detail asbout the brands of shirts used in subsequent posts.

Why do I like this one so much? Mainly because anyone any younger than me has no clue what a record is, nevermind a 45 adapter. Some even think the shirt is vaguely dirty .... but I'm not seeing it.