Monday, January 26, 2009

For some reason the Tee shirt world seems a little bit brighter today.....

Posted on/at 6:54 AM by leo pond

It's cold as hell today (whopping 10 degrees this am) but for some reason the sun seems brighter and the world seems a bit nicer...I wonder why...............oh wait, here's why - T-Shirt Hell Shutting its doors

I admit some of their shirts were extremely funny but many went waay overboard, I get the whole shock value marketing of it, but lets get real - who would wear a shirt that says “It’s not gay if you beat them up afterwards” or "What About All The Good Things Hitler Did” - they go past the boundaries of good taste and morality.

A quote from Mr. Sunshine himself...

" those who think I’m racist, promoting rape, a nazi, homophobic or just the world’s biggest asshole…well, at least you think I’m something, which means I’ve achieved what I wanted."

Thanks to Gary, Mika, Jacob, Greg, Bob, the black lady who writes our newsletter, and to everyone else who was part of T-Shirt Hell. Time to move on to even greater things. I’ll miss you (by miss, I mean, it’s going to suck not being able to give you my excellent reach arounds when you least expect them).

Fuck you,

-Sunshine Megatron


Anonymous said...

Very sad... I loved t-shirt hell for what it was... just good wholesome demonic humor. It's the reason I got in the business to begine with... even though I can't compare with them check me out at

Johnny said...

I'm so sad to see T-shirt Hell shutting down. Everyone seems quite pleased with themselves to cut these guys down, but I thought T-shirt Hell filled their niche exceptionally well (well, maybe not so much toward the end, but for a time, anyway).

Their shirts definitely weren’t for everyone, but then again, who would want a t-shirt that was?

I think think there's a big hole in this business with their departure.

Johnny Sunshine

Rizzo Tees said...

I don't celebrate their demise at all. I don't particularly understand it - I mean, if it's truly NOT an economic decision, then to just shut it down is pure lunacy. But if their 25% decline in sales (my rough calculation) truly did hurt them, then I'd say wow we're looking at a whole new ballgame. This is a highly profitable industry and Mr. Megatron made millions - to see the site just shut down is just unreal (which may still not happen if this is all revealed to be a publicity stunt).

I sell a different kind of tee, but I respect their success and did find some of their designs to be funny.

The Electric Bike said...

Unlike my partner in crime, Badtiki, I will really miss t-shirt hell. Although Rizzo beat me to the punch, I want to chalk this all up as a publicity stunt. Create Urgency. Isn't that rule #2 of marketing? You really believe t-shirt hell is above something that will stimulate sales? I love em, for what they are worth. I get their newsletter - which today announced an extension of the sale .. and, get this - making previously "sold out" shirts available again. Um, I for one wouldn't be printing more stuff for my going out of business sale.
I will go out on a limb and assume thet T-Shirt Hell just gave us one hell of a lesson in marketing. Kudos!