Wednesday, July 15, 2009

80's Tees; Summer Clearance Sale $4.99 and up!

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It's a Snappy New Day, and a great day for a clearance sale!

Act now, while has this tremendous t shirt sale going on!
This vintage Mr. Rogers t shirt is just $4.99 - that less than the foot long sandwich you plan on consuming for lunch!

Prices vary at the 80's tees summer clearance sale, and while the $4.99 tees are somewhat rare, there are a plethora of goodies to be had for just 9.99, and I think some more for $12.99.

Load up. Summer is t shirt season (even thoughI wear 'em year round) At these prices, I think there retro classics are cheaper than they were 20 years ago. (That woulda been in the 80's, get it?)

Show Your State Pride with Sandia Shirts

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So, I was going to wait until Sandia Shirts had a chance to print something a little closer to my heart - like a Rhode Island or a Nevada t shirt, but those folks are so darn nice I had to give them a "premature write-up".

Besides, I love Chicago! I have relatives nearby and have been out there for weddings and such, as well as some conferences (in December, of course) -so I decided I would showcase this Illinois T shirt. Land of Lincoln. And while I still have yet to read "Team of Rivals" - I have the impression that Honest Abe was a pretty good guy...

... Like the Sandia Shirt folks. All of our dealings have been quite pleasant.
I imagine you'll have a similar experience.

At this stage of the game, they have 9 state t shirts done, and have promised me many more to follow.

Get you Abe Lincoln T Shirt for just $15.99.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CafePress Summer T Shirt Sale - $15 or Less*

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(on select t shirts)

It's that time of year again - the Cafepress summer sale! Yay!

Some days, it's just all about the benjamins (and the bargains)

I'll admit I see a lot of stuff at Cafepress and think "Man, if that were just a few bucks less, I'ld be all over it.

Like this one for example:

********Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress ********

I found this under the GEEK category at Cafepress. Now, I don't consider myself a geek in any sense of the word (although others' opinions may vary). This silly shirt just kinda struck me funny.

************Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress ********

OK, it's probably because after about his 54 viewing of WALL E my 3 year old now thinks he is a robot - complete with sound effects... and I really like that kid and somewhere it has manifested itself as a fondness for this particular (robot evolution) shirt.

Either way, all I'm saying is that if your looking for some new tees, no matter wehat your background, interests, hobbies or current state of mind may be, it's definately worh a look at Cafe Press, especially during this sale.

Click there to see the sale--->: Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sidenote: Michael Jackson T-Shirts

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Yeah, um ... I regret to inform you, I will not be posting any Michael Jackson T-Shirts.
Nothing personal, I just wasn't a fan - so If I started posting MJ tee shirts now, I would just be a poser. Believe it or not, I try do run this t-shirt blog with a smidge of integrity.

Again, there will be no Billie Jean quips, no "mo momma say moo sah", no Thriller tshirts.
No young Michael Jackson. No older Michael Jackson. No MJ bashing, praising or otherwise.

And for those of you who still don't quite get it...

Stop sending me emails about your new "clever", "memorial", "retro", "rhinestone" t-shirt portraying, immortalizing, slandering or plaguerizing the "King of Pop"

... cuz I ain't interested. Sorry. Just not my bag.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Wave of Barack Obama T Shirts; Thank Goodness

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OK, I must admit - I had gotten a kick the first time I saw the Obama T Shirts stating "Barack & Roll", "Barack the Casbah", and all the "hey, Obama rhymes with Mamma" t-shirts ... but let's face it ... that ship has sailed. They were merely cute, not necessarily funny or even close to cool. My personal fav? "Obama is the New Black"

Now that folks have had a little time for this whole political thing to set in, some much better Obama tee shirts are beginning to surface. I like this one just because it seems to be very well thought out. It's not in your face, not overwhelming and honestly would look pretty darn good whether it said Obama on it or not.

OK, so it definately has that "I ripped off this look from Ed Hardy" feel - but for a political t shirt, at least they took the time to rip off something cool.

This Freedom Scroll Obama T Shirt is available (in a number of colors) for between $18.45 and $22.95 - depending on the size/color combination.

Looney Toons T-Shirt - Featuring Vintage Tiny Toons

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Vintage Looney Tunes Tiny Tune Tee Shirt

Featuring Buster & Babes

So, I was out looking for some vintage t shirt goodies to add to my collection and found this gem at

While I will admit I'm more of the Classic Looney Toons age, and missed the Tiny Toon era by quite a few years - the vintage look of this t shirt really looks great. The vintage wash on the black shirt makes it more o f a charcoal grey and I really love the distressed logo, giving it real classic appeal.

Keep in mind this is a "slim fit" t ... (I think because back in the 70's people were thinner - before corn syrup hit the shelves) ... but that's another story for another time ... so you may want to order this baby a size or two (it's 100% cotton, so expect further shrinkage) larger than you normally would.

Get your Looney Toons Vintage Tiny Toon T Shirt for just $17.95 at

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keys & Trees - Ropeadope T Shirts @ Always Urban

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Ropeadope Delivers (t shirts, that is)

Here's another tree tee with a bit of a twist. It's by Ropeadope (love the name) and it's available at Always Urban.

Sure it's kinda bright, but my wardrobe needed a little color anyway. Besides; trees, offcenter print that goes from front around to the back... they made this one just for me.

Although the fact that I have no artistic ability includes that of the musical variety - the piano keys work really well here - at least in MY head.

Ropeadope has a nice little collection of t shirts brewing. They have 10 t shirts available, and I would buy 8 of them without hesitation. I hope they keep it up.

The one above is called "Keys T-shirt" and if you want it, you just have to pony up $22.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's Better Than 6 Dollar T Shirts? (hint: $2.95 tees)

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Roll the Dice and Find Out.

Well, if you thought I was going to say $5 t shirts you had better pick up the pace a little. We already mentioned that you can get $5 t shirts from Six Dollar Shirts if you order 10 of them (for those of you without a calculator handy, that's 5 t shirts for 50 bucks)

But wait, there's more...

Want a tee shirt from for just $2.95 ...

Dang, the simple name; 6 Dollar Shirts, which seems quite straightforward has gotten a little complicated, eh?

Don't fret - just think of it this way- you will NEVER pay more than 6 buckaroos for a t shirt at - does that help any? Good.

Anyhow - how do you score a tee for just $2.95? Easy - you tell 'em if you are a man or a woman and what size you would like - they choose the color and design for you. They empty the warehouse, you score a sweet deal. Works for all involved, doncha think?

VVVVVVV Click the bearded Guy's Nose (below) to Get Started!

^^^^^^^ Click the bearded Guy's Nose (above) to Get Started! If you like tees, but have trouble making decisions - or just ain't that much of a shopper - this is the way to go.