Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Busy T Shirt Bees at CryWolf

Posted on/at 9:50 AM by Web Thing

Busy bees. When you think about it - the bees have it pretty good.

1. They can fly
2. They have good steady jobs
3. The sweet goodness of honey is everywhere.

... but do you think they appreciate it? I know a lot of gainfully employed folks get up every morning and after a few slaps of the snooze bar, button an oxford over their much prefered t-shirt and head off to work on autopilot, just going through the motions.

I like to think that the bees on this t shirt get up with a spring in their step happy to face the challenges of rain, spiderwebs, etc with a real get'er done attitude... like the ladies behind CryWolfClothing, namely Rose and Stephanie.

Talk about not being afraid to get you hands dirty! Silk screened by hand? Who does that? When they aren't designing these clever shirts (for men, women and ... and I love this ... KIDS) They are wrist deep in ink and squeegees producing these tees just for you!

Anyways ... I dig the shirt, I like the bees and I'm a fan of anything that wasn't spit out by a factory with millions just like it - cuz it wasn't.

This hand crafted Busy Bees T Shirt can be yours for a mear 28 CAD ... That's only $25.216128 for us Yanks!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Go Retro with this 11th Airborne T Shirt for $9.75

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This one. I just like it. The wings are cool, the olive drab is casual, the fade is sweet, the price is right. Not all the t shirts in your drawer have to be those one of a kind exclusives, ya know. Don't be a complete slave to fashion.
And for some reason, I really like numbers on my shirts ... don't ask me why.

Snake yours 11th Airborne tee at for a reduculously low $9.75.

T Shirts at RedBubble; Art ala Carte

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I forgot who's tshirts I was looking at (sorry) when I realized they were sold at - as part of a WEALTH of other really great looking tees from a very diverse group.

RedBubble allows artist to add their own artwork and make them available as framed prints, greeting cards, posters ... and of course t-shirts...

..and they do all the heavy lifting - credit cards, manufacturing, shipping

and the artist(s) set the pricing, retain copyrights and decide exacty what it is they want to sell.

This allows for the artist to focus on what they do best - make the world a better place to live.

I just wish I had at least one artistic bone in my body so I could partner with these folks. As I do not, I guess I'll just go back to surfing the sea of tees, enjoying the work of those with special talents.

Thanks RedBubble.
Anyway, the photo is just one of many I really liked, many because it was fun and different without being what I consider a little too wierd. I believe it's called MoneyRunner by Steven Wildish, and can be yours for about $27.
Again, there are a TON of unusual t shirts over there, and if you are looking for some real winners for your collection, don't pass this place up.

Rahzo' s Share-Wear. Art Not Just for Art's Sake.

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OK, before we get into all the dogooder aspects of Rahzo, LLC., let's talk about the t-shirts. Let's face it, the only way they will do anybody anygood is to be simply brilliant.

Lucky for Rahzo, that's precisely what they are.

Take this one for example: "Roots Grow Deep"

I know, it's me. I have a thing for these tree shirts, and while a lot of folks will argue that this isn't actually the finest example of what's available at Rahzo, it's my blog, so I feature the shirt I would pay my hard earned cash for... and this it is. (Go check 'em out for yourself at the link below)

Rahzo, from what little I have read (cuz, honestly, I prefer to look at the pretty t-shirt pictures) is a growing collaboration of real artists banging out killer tees with focus and purpose. I would join and try to get them to print one of mine, but rejection letters make me sad.

OK, unique, artistic shirts. Got it. There's a lot of that going around isn't there? Well, um, yes and no. You will be hard pressed to find stuff this good for $20 - 25 anywhere. What else? Well, they give a percentage of sales to charity. Still want more? YOU choose the charity at check out.

Yes, YOU get a rocking deal on a sweet t-shirt ... and YOU get to make the world a little better by contributing to the cause of YOUR choice.

...and you thought you were just shopping for t-shirts.

PS, the "roots grow deep" t shirt will run you $20 bucks from our friends at Rahzo.