Saturday, January 17, 2009

More evidence mankind is doomed....The $3000 Tee Shirt !

Posted on/at 6:10 PM by leo pond

I figured I would take a short pause in between tutorials to bring you this deal of a lifetime! It all started with an idiotic $1000 Iphone app for the absurdly rich, now some dude has jumped on the bandwagon with a $3325 Tee Shirt! I for one find this despicable, at a time where 21,000 (Thats Twenty-One Thousand) jobs are cut in one day, and its even so bad that Google has announced layoffs - Times like these, people need to think of the overall picture rather than promoting that they have not yet been hit by the bad circumstances affecting us all.

Anywho, thanks for tuning in, i'll be continuing the tee shirt design series shortly.

This is an actual screenshot of my checkout page.