Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shady Characters over at Detour Designables

Posted on/at 9:42 AM by Web Thing

Simply shady.

Something ever just sort of strike you as funny, and you really aren't sure why ... and explaining it to your friends just seems to make the problem worse and your friends suggest that maybe it is time for some serious therapy?
That's kinda where I'm at with this t shirt. I love it ... but I really can't even begin to put into words why ... so I won't.

Thanks to Detour Designables for putting me in this awkward situation.

Now go get yer Shady T Shirt in their Cafe Press store for 19 bucks.


Juna D said...

Thanks for posting that. We came up with that design after watching Heroes. The Horned Rimmed Glass Guy (HRG) was always kind of shady to us. When we put the glasses with the word it gave it a whole different meaning. We thought maybe other people would like it too.