Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMG - Blogger Posts Over 143 T Shirt Fashion Blogs!

Posted on/at 12:23 PM by Web Thing

YAHOO! Andy over at Hide Your Arms has listed 143 (and counting) blog sites that feature your and my favorite fashion item - the T SHIRT!

... and I am extremely proud to say that I made the list! Yup, little 'ol me! My blog made the list and I can't be more thrilled.

Sites on the list range from free blog spot blogs like mine to some with a little corporate muscle behind them. It's the most comprehensive list of t shirt blogs available on this or any other planet.

I want to take a little time to thank the man behind it all - THANKS ANDY! You display a dedication and professionalism that all bloggers, t-shirt or otherwise, should strive for.

You have even encouraged me to push harder to write daily ... (bringing to my attention that I was only writing about once a week was a real eye opener - I swore it was more than that)

Anyway, if you are a t shirt guy, or girl, you will find a plethora of goodies at Hide Your Arms - not only on the big honking list, but in the daily blog posts - to which I recommend you subscribe - you wouldn't want to miss anything.


Andy said...

You could be doing more than a post a week, I was doing the descriptions quickly (think about it, if I was taking 2 minutes on each blog there's about 6 hours worth of work right there!), so I'd just quickly peruse a blog, guess at the frequency of updates, then look at their link list to see if there were any blogs that I didn't know about.

I wish there was a programme that could have worked out all the post frequencies for me then updated the post accordingly, but I haven't found it yet if it exists.

T-Shirt Guy's T-Shirt Blog said...

Actually, Andy, you were absolutely right, I was averaging about one a week as of late. No worries.

Mark said...

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