Monday, June 9, 2008

Rinsay T- Shirts ... What a Ball!

Posted on/at 12:24 PM by Web Thing

I got an email. Took a look. Liked what I saw. And here we are ...

See how easy that is? Thanks Ryan! Cool stuff.

The folks at Rinsay Clothing are pumping out quite an eclectic mix of goodies. All quite different. All with thier own message. None that suck.

This one here, The Masquerade (printed on American Apparel) is one I would definately wear just about anywhere. Hats, masks, canes & ballgowns - what more do you want?

It clocks in at a cool $39 ... others range from 30 - 39.


Melissa said...

What a cool tshirt, it'd suit my boyfriend perfectly.