Friday, May 23, 2008

Wooshka $1 T Shirt Sale, Tuesday 5/28/08

Posted on/at 8:14 AM by Web Thing

OK, so I just got a note telling me that the folks at Wooshka are going to be having a $1 t shirt sale this coming Tuesday (they also assured me that it was NOT a misprint.

Not familiar with Wooshka? To be honest, neither was I (so thanks for the email, Steve). It's a groovey site billed as "the never-ending t shirt design competition" ... who are the judges? You and me baby! That's right, the Wooshka Community votes and decides which shirts get printed.

Simply brilliant! They attract some really (no B.S.) talented designers so the shirts totally rock!

OK, so I don't have the details on the sale - if its everything in stock or a select few - but for a buck you REALLY can't go wrong here. I have already set my calendar and with a measley $20 in my pocket I plan to go ballistic.

The design above is called "I heart ketchup" - and it's just one of the many I hope is included in this ludicrous sale.

Tees usually run a modest $20-$30 here (and are worth every penny), so this sale is a "can't miss" in my book.


T-Shirt Guy's T-Shirt Blog said...

Update ...In case anyone was wondering, it appears that you only get one Wooshka shirt for the $1 price ... guess which one I got? Woo Hoo!!

Theres still time left for the Wooshka $1 sale - you would be foolish not to take advantage!