Friday, June 27, 2008

Crave; It's a Restaurant. It's a T Shirt. It's Both!

Posted on/at 9:24 AM by Web Thing

Crave. Just a darn good word. Simple, yet unmistakable.

I crave a cup of coffee in the morning. I'm also known to crave a cold brew at about 4:30 on the occassional Friday. Ask a pregnant woman about the word "crave" and you'll have yourself an interesting conversation for sure ... but I digress, and you are probably getting a little bored.

So, I started out trying to find ficticious business t shirts ... and found this really great site with cool stuff for actual, true to life, honest to goodness businesses. Funny how that works sometimes.

Check it out: If you are like me, and you want stuff that your buddies won't have, this place is certianly worth a look. Restaurants, Service Stations, Book Stores ... and my favorites ... independant brewhouses and pubs. And they all actually exist!

Whatever you are into, I'll bet they have something. How tacky does that sound?

BTW, Crave is a resuarant in Seattle, WA, USA ... If you were wondering. And the Crave T shirt costs 22 buckeroos. Did I mention I really like this shirt? Well I do. Don't forget to check out the frying pan on the front. Nice touch!