Monday, June 23, 2008

2:37 am, Industrial, Gritty, Detroit Duds

Posted on/at 9:14 AM by Web Thing

Whether you consider Detroit to be Rock City, or you are more of an 8 Mile kinda guy, look no further than what they are doing over at 2:37 am. They bill themselves as industrial and gritty - which they are - but don't overlook the artistic value in these t shirts.

The words exciting, refreshing & unique also come to mind when cruising their catalog. Picking my favorite came down to the funky retro stripes on the shirt itself - but all the designs are top shelf.

Look for buildings, cool text fonts, great use of color (and lack thereof) and just plain interesting designs.

This one, h20-treat1, will cost you about $29.50 but that's the high end of their prices. (The low end is around $21.50 ... and the majority of the t shirts fall in between.

Now the real question is, what does the name "237am" mean? Hmm? Intriguing.