Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Wave of Barack Obama T Shirts; Thank Goodness

Posted on/at 1:41 PM by Web Thing

OK, I must admit - I had gotten a kick the first time I saw the Obama T Shirts stating "Barack & Roll", "Barack the Casbah", and all the "hey, Obama rhymes with Mamma" t-shirts ... but let's face it ... that ship has sailed. They were merely cute, not necessarily funny or even close to cool. My personal fav? "Obama is the New Black"

Now that folks have had a little time for this whole political thing to set in, some much better Obama tee shirts are beginning to surface. I like this one just because it seems to be very well thought out. It's not in your face, not overwhelming and honestly would look pretty darn good whether it said Obama on it or not.

OK, so it definately has that "I ripped off this look from Ed Hardy" feel - but for a political t shirt, at least they took the time to rip off something cool.

This Freedom Scroll Obama T Shirt is available (in a number of colors) for between $18.45 and $22.95 - depending on the size/color combination.