Friday, July 10, 2009

Sidenote: Michael Jackson T-Shirts

Posted on/at 11:03 AM by Web Thing

Yeah, um ... I regret to inform you, I will not be posting any Michael Jackson T-Shirts.
Nothing personal, I just wasn't a fan - so If I started posting MJ tee shirts now, I would just be a poser. Believe it or not, I try do run this t-shirt blog with a smidge of integrity.

Again, there will be no Billie Jean quips, no "mo momma say moo sah", no Thriller tshirts.
No young Michael Jackson. No older Michael Jackson. No MJ bashing, praising or otherwise.

And for those of you who still don't quite get it...

Stop sending me emails about your new "clever", "memorial", "retro", "rhinestone" t-shirt portraying, immortalizing, slandering or plaguerizing the "King of Pop"

... cuz I ain't interested. Sorry. Just not my bag.


Anonymous said...

you suck