Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CafePress Summer T Shirt Sale - $15 or Less*

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(on select t shirts)

It's that time of year again - the Cafepress summer sale! Yay!

Some days, it's just all about the benjamins (and the bargains)

I'll admit I see a lot of stuff at Cafepress and think "Man, if that were just a few bucks less, I'ld be all over it.

Like this one for example:

********Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress ********

I found this under the GEEK category at Cafepress. Now, I don't consider myself a geek in any sense of the word (although others' opinions may vary). This silly shirt just kinda struck me funny.

************Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress ********

OK, it's probably because after about his 54 viewing of WALL E my 3 year old now thinks he is a robot - complete with sound effects... and I really like that kid and somewhere it has manifested itself as a fondness for this particular (robot evolution) shirt.

Either way, all I'm saying is that if your looking for some new tees, no matter wehat your background, interests, hobbies or current state of mind may be, it's definately worh a look at Cafe Press, especially during this sale.

Click there to see the sale--->: Get Fresh with Cool T's from CafePress


T-Shirt Guy said...

I am really sorry to the person who commented.

I accidentally rejected your comment instead of approving it.

Please re-comment

musicbindsall said...

You may also like Folk Art Designs on Tee - http://www.vibrantribes.com/design-tee.aspx

j said...

This shirt sure looks like a ripoff of Amorphia's to me:


Not sure where the graphic originated, but I was under the impression Jeremy designed everything himself, which would make this a rip, no?

tjustleft said...

"I don't consider myself a geek in any sense of the word (although others' opinions may vary)."

Sounds familiar. I thought I was fairly cool. My oldest daughter says I am A dork, geek, and or nerd.

LoopTeeLoop said...

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