Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clever Obama T-Shirt

Posted on/at 12:41 PM by Web Thing

So, like most people I generally avoid 2 topics at all cost; religion and poitics. I'll make an exception here, only because I feel that this t-shirt is oh so clever. A new friend thought I might be interested in posting about this Obama T-Shirt, and she was right!

Obama is the New Black

Even if this T isn't really your bag - check out the "polital blog that isn't really political" by Elizabeth Laime (also available by clicking the link above)

Barack Obama (brown retro) Organic Cotton Tee

Barack Obama 2008 B&W Black T-Shirt

Barack Obama Fan White T-shirt

Obama 4 Change Dark T-Shirt
Obama Homeboy Special Edition Dark T-Shirt

Obama 08 Organic Cotton Tee Shirt


Eric said...

Really simple but works

STYLEGIRL73 said...

Supercute tee!
The big brother of my girly t-shirt that has crush on / hot mama loves Obama t-shirts


BARACK STAR 08 - Barack Obama t-shirts and blog said...

I like it. I like simple. Check out more Obama political t-shirts at http://barackstar08.com Trulu some of the most stylish democratic election fashion designs around.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, does one need permission from Obama or McCain to print shirts and stickers with their name or picture ?

jenna said...

i really like the first one. very simple and, yes, clever. for those who would like a li'l more bling int heir politics, though, please check out this obama tee:


thanks, and good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool shirts!

See this guy's shirt.


Melanie said...

These are cool and if you're into political tee's check out the shirts on www.collarfree.com!
We are having a political t-shirt design competition so you can go and vote for your favorites!

manda said...

i like it. i think it's clever. you can also check out this obama tee, especially if you like something pretty and a bit more feminine: