Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keys & Trees - Ropeadope T Shirts @ Always Urban

Posted on/at 8:58 AM by Web Thing

Ropeadope Delivers (t shirts, that is)

Here's another tree tee with a bit of a twist. It's by Ropeadope (love the name) and it's available at Always Urban.

Sure it's kinda bright, but my wardrobe needed a little color anyway. Besides; trees, offcenter print that goes from front around to the back... they made this one just for me.

Although the fact that I have no artistic ability includes that of the musical variety - the piano keys work really well here - at least in MY head.

Ropeadope has a nice little collection of t shirts brewing. They have 10 t shirts available, and I would buy 8 of them without hesitation. I hope they keep it up.

The one above is called "Keys T-shirt" and if you want it, you just have to pony up $22.


mコミュ said...

素敵な出 会 いで愛を育む♪理想の人と楽しめる関係を築きませんか?mコミュでしか味わえない幸せを掴みましょう

Anonymous said...

This tee is def different. I am always looking to add a different urban style to my tee collection. I do however have a preference for more urban t shirts that are a bit more edgy.. But I can appreciate its difference