Monday, July 6, 2009

Looney Toons T-Shirt - Featuring Vintage Tiny Toons

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Vintage Looney Tunes Tiny Tune Tee Shirt

Featuring Buster & Babes

So, I was out looking for some vintage t shirt goodies to add to my collection and found this gem at

While I will admit I'm more of the Classic Looney Toons age, and missed the Tiny Toon era by quite a few years - the vintage look of this t shirt really looks great. The vintage wash on the black shirt makes it more o f a charcoal grey and I really love the distressed logo, giving it real classic appeal.

Keep in mind this is a "slim fit" t ... (I think because back in the 70's people were thinner - before corn syrup hit the shelves) ... but that's another story for another time ... so you may want to order this baby a size or two (it's 100% cotton, so expect further shrinkage) larger than you normally would.

Get your Looney Toons Vintage Tiny Toon T Shirt for just $17.95 at


Anonymous said...

this t shirt is not vintage, it's retro and therefore not a classic. it's like a fake rolex or a fake smile.

Fashion is art and originally is everything!

Anonymous said...

Whether retro or with a modern vintage touch, this t-shirt is cool. I would rock it. My new fashion is urban skate. Kr3w t-shirts run this arena but I would def add this to my t-shirt collection. This is a good look.

Retro t shirts said...

Damn - forgot all about Loony Tunes 'til now. Not a bad tee at all.