Thursday, May 22, 2008

MLK (Martin Luther King) Dream Big T Shirt from Bant-Shirts

Posted on/at 9:37 AM by Web Thing

OK, so I missed the big holiday timely posting for this one from Bant Shirts - sorry. If I had seen it before, I surely woulda.

Need a little inspiration? Coffee just not quite enough these days? What could be more inspiring than a little pick -me-up from MLK himself?

I would go on, but this Martin Luther King shirt speaks for itself.

It's only $16.95, so get one for yourself and maybe one or two for your less-than-inspired coworkers.

Martin Luther King Dark T-Shirt


Navy Short T-Shirt

Racism Sucks Dark T-Shirt

MLK - War is a poor Dark T-Shirt

Ignore Race Dark T-Shirt

Got MLK? Dark T-Shirt

Army Green T-Shirt