Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm What Willis Was Talking About; From T-Shirt Hell

Posted on/at 4:49 PM by Web Thing

Here is one of the most tame offerings from T Shirt Hell. Who didn't love Diff'rent Strokes? Heck, I still have a goldfish named Abraham. I have to warn you though, this T-Shirt hell site is NOT for the easily offended (or, in some cases, not the 'not-so-easily-offended')

Most of their stuff comes with its own inherent shock value. I think a lot of them are very funny - but I have decided to stay away from them on my blog so you all wouldn't judge me.

************ TV Show T Shirts ***************

Cool part about T-Shirt Hell is that once you decide on a design, you get to choose the color and style of t-shirt from a very good selection. This "I'm What Willis Was Talking About" ringer clocked in at about $19.