Sunday, January 20, 2008

Patriots 2007 AFC Champion T-Shirts

Posted on/at 9:11 PM by Web Thing

Ok, sure it's not the official 2007 AFC Championship t-shirt, but you can get it at the NFL Store when you snag your Champ tee. Personally, I think this one is way cooler, but at $50 dollars a whack, it certainly isn't for the fair weather fans... besides, I mentioned earlier in the season that I would be bringing by the old "Pat" logo, you know ... for the folks that remember life before the Brady Bunch. Yup, there was a time when the Pats pretty much stunk ... Thank Goodness this ain't it. Oh yeah, and as the official NFL Store, they have Giants gear too.


Blake said...

Retro Sport is always high priced but they do the small things to make the t-shirts so authentic. Even at $50, you aren't going to be disappointed.