Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rahzo' s Share-Wear. Art Not Just for Art's Sake.

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OK, before we get into all the dogooder aspects of Rahzo, LLC., let's talk about the t-shirts. Let's face it, the only way they will do anybody anygood is to be simply brilliant.

Lucky for Rahzo, that's precisely what they are.

Take this one for example: "Roots Grow Deep"

I know, it's me. I have a thing for these tree shirts, and while a lot of folks will argue that this isn't actually the finest example of what's available at Rahzo, it's my blog, so I feature the shirt I would pay my hard earned cash for... and this it is. (Go check 'em out for yourself at the link below)

Rahzo, from what little I have read (cuz, honestly, I prefer to look at the pretty t-shirt pictures) is a growing collaboration of real artists banging out killer tees with focus and purpose. I would join and try to get them to print one of mine, but rejection letters make me sad.

OK, unique, artistic shirts. Got it. There's a lot of that going around isn't there? Well, um, yes and no. You will be hard pressed to find stuff this good for $20 - 25 anywhere. What else? Well, they give a percentage of sales to charity. Still want more? YOU choose the charity at check out.

Yes, YOU get a rocking deal on a sweet t-shirt ... and YOU get to make the world a little better by contributing to the cause of YOUR choice.

...and you thought you were just shopping for t-shirts.

PS, the "roots grow deep" t shirt will run you $20 bucks from our friends at Rahzo.


Minda Seibert said...

You are right, they are amazingly high quality, great designed t-shirts and an even more amazing organization donating a part of the t-shirt price to partner organizations. We at Mercy Corps are honored and thrilled to be one of their partners. Mercy Corps helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Because of Rahzo we are able to do more!