Sunday, June 7, 2009

T Shirts at RedBubble; Art ala Carte

Posted on/at 3:03 PM by Web Thing

I forgot who's tshirts I was looking at (sorry) when I realized they were sold at - as part of a WEALTH of other really great looking tees from a very diverse group.

RedBubble allows artist to add their own artwork and make them available as framed prints, greeting cards, posters ... and of course t-shirts...

..and they do all the heavy lifting - credit cards, manufacturing, shipping

and the artist(s) set the pricing, retain copyrights and decide exacty what it is they want to sell.

This allows for the artist to focus on what they do best - make the world a better place to live.

I just wish I had at least one artistic bone in my body so I could partner with these folks. As I do not, I guess I'll just go back to surfing the sea of tees, enjoying the work of those with special talents.

Thanks RedBubble.
Anyway, the photo is just one of many I really liked, many because it was fun and different without being what I consider a little too wierd. I believe it's called MoneyRunner by Steven Wildish, and can be yours for about $27.
Again, there are a TON of unusual t shirts over there, and if you are looking for some real winners for your collection, don't pass this place up.