Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Busy T Shirt Bees at CryWolf

Posted on/at 9:50 AM by Web Thing

Busy bees. When you think about it - the bees have it pretty good.

1. They can fly
2. They have good steady jobs
3. The sweet goodness of honey is everywhere.

... but do you think they appreciate it? I know a lot of gainfully employed folks get up every morning and after a few slaps of the snooze bar, button an oxford over their much prefered t-shirt and head off to work on autopilot, just going through the motions.

I like to think that the bees on this t shirt get up with a spring in their step happy to face the challenges of rain, spiderwebs, etc with a real get'er done attitude... like the ladies behind CryWolfClothing, namely Rose and Stephanie.

Talk about not being afraid to get you hands dirty! Silk screened by hand? Who does that? When they aren't designing these clever shirts (for men, women and ... and I love this ... KIDS) They are wrist deep in ink and squeegees producing these tees just for you!

Anyways ... I dig the shirt, I like the bees and I'm a fan of anything that wasn't spit out by a factory with millions just like it - cuz it wasn't.

This hand crafted Busy Bees T Shirt can be yours for a mear 28 CAD ... That's only $25.216128 for us Yanks!


Anonymous said...

Crywolf has great service, too. We ordered online and got our shirts in three days. Three days!

My 11 yo son bought the racoon bats, and zombie bunnies. Very funny!

JLD, Ontario