Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Band T Shirts on Sale at Fanfire.com

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Fanfire Hot Summer Sale

Only 8 Days left to get your band t-shirts on sale at fanfire.com.
From the Allman Brothers to ZZ top ... and suprizingly, pretty much everything in between. What I mean by that is that we arn't just talking 70's bands, even though a Kiss t shirt is next on my list. You can also get Tupak, Mariah Carey ... and even Robin Williams t shirts.

Why did I choose Steve Miller? Easy. When I was in High School my best friends all had different musical taste. One liked the guitar stylings of Joe Satriani, another liked anything from the early days of Rap and I leaned more toward the hairbands and some punky stuff.

One thing we could all agree on was Steve Miller, so when the 3 of us got together to cruise the beaches the Greatest hits album was pretty much always in the cassette deck.

The good news? You can now score this t-shirt for $14.99 (down from an already fair $19.99)

Click below to get started on your search for a heavily discounted band t-shirt.

Fanfire Hot Summer Sale


tjustleft said...

I agree. Steve Miller rocks!