Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Design Your Own Shirt at - I did!

Posted on/at 4:03 PM by Web Thing

OK, so there ara about 50 different places out there there you can design and buy your own shirt. Eventually I will get around to comparing and contrasting them all ... eventually, don't hold your breath.

Anyway,I happened upon - and made this one. It reads "No call alligator 'long mouth' till you pass him." It's a Jamacan proverb. With absolutely no special skills at all I created this shirt using thier "Custom Apparel Tool"- no Photoshop, no illustrater...nothing. It was fun, I actually made 6 more with various images, colors and quotes.

The clipart came from their library (which I was told on the phone is being revamped/upgraded etc (basically added to). I changed the color of the clipart from black to green. I was able to rotate the image as well as add my text and bend it all the way around in a circle - which I feel really makes this shirt.

They are obviously looking for larger fish - the big orders - seeing as you can upload your company logo if you already have one - and there are MASSIVE discounts figured into their tier pricing (i messed around and got a bunch of price quotes too) but it's nice that they have a very simple tool that allows me to be creative - even if I am just one of the little guys who buys my shirts one at a time.

So, go take a crack at it - I can't wait to see the new improved clipart library when it's done. Click Here: Custom T Shirts


Mr T Shirt said...

I really like this "tool". I haven't placed an order yet, but my kids and I have spent endless hours designing t-shirts.