Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moonshiner T-Shirts from Moonshine Tees

Posted on/at 6:46 AM by Web Thing

Aw man, these shirts really bring me back. In high school I had notebooks full of designs for my own stills - the library really is a wonderful resource if you know how to use it. Before the days of Home Depot and Lowes - where was a 16 year old kid supposed to find 1/4 inch surgical tubing? I was "this close", I tell ya.

Inspired by Hawkeye and Pierce and Honeycutt from M*A*S*H - I finally had some science to sink my teeth into.

Anyway - I say we legalize brewing your own moonshine. It's a much better use of all that corn than corn syrup (side note: Did you know the weight of the average American has increased 20lbs since corn syrup became a widely used sweetener in the early 80s?)

"Moonshine ... if it wasn't so good, they wouldnt chase us" is what it says on this shirt from Moonshine Tees. It will run you about $22.50. They have others too ... and get this ... they get shipped in a mason jar ... how freaking cool is that???

...and remember ... the first ounce or so out of the still will make you go blind. (seriously)