Thursday, April 3, 2008

Artcotic T Shirts - These Guys are Dropping Bombs!

Posted on/at 11:03 AM by Web Thing

Every once in a while I get clued into something special. Sure, it involves t-shirts, but sometimes it's much, much more. In steps Artcotic. Want tees produced on high quality shirts AND kick ass designs? Want to know what makes the artist tick who designed your shirt? Want more?

Go to Artcotic and get more. More shirts, more artist info - heck, even more music.

I could go on and on - but you should really just go check them out for yourself.

This shirt is called "Bird of Prey", for obvious reasons. It's $24.99 and get this - it's a limited edition print. Now there's only 249 other guys out there that I have to worry about ruining my day by wearing MY shirt. Those are Vegas odds I can live with.

Thanks Artcotic - keep doing what you do, and we will keep enjoying it.