Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solar Power Turns Me On T Shirt ; GreenPlanet-Tees.com

Posted on/at 8:41 AM by Web Thing

So, since I came to live in Las Vegas, the whole idea of solar powered gadgets, cars, lights etc has really intrigued me. I even baked some bread in my makeshift solar oven this weekend with my 5 year old.
I honestly expected to find some type of t shirt with a solar panel and lights or an ipod charger embedded in it while I was hunting around for Solar T Shirts (and I'll keep looking) but this one caught my eye - mainly because solar power, does in fact, turn me on a little.

So while my daydreams of an off grid weekend cabin continue to be just daydreams, it's nice to know I could at least score this tee shirt for a meager $16.99 at GreenPlanet-Tees.com 


Horn Ok Tees said...

solar power is an awesome t-shirt!!! love it !!