Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caffeine Addict T Shirt from NachoMamaTees

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Coffee anyone? I'm a coffee guy. I am NOT a mocha choco latte guy. I'm a pot a day, as long as it's brown and isn't too crunchy I'm drinkin' it kinda guy. I'm not a coffee snob. I get more enjoyment from a $1 coffee from the gas station than a $3 coffee from Starbucks. Not to bag on Starbucks, I'll drink that too.

I also don't have a "usual". Sometime black, sometimes cream, sometimes sugar, sometimes cream and sugar. (My grandfather once told me that if you learn to drink your coffee black, you'll always be able to get it they way you want) Iced, scorching hot, room temp ... yup, I'm drinking any and all of those too. I grew up in Rhode Island ... they come just short of putting iced coffee in you baby bottle. (No joke, Rhode Island has cornered the market on coffee flavored syrups. Two competing companies make it - it's like chocolate syrup for chocolate milk, except it is coffee flavored ... Here's one.

UPDATE; apparently Autocrat purchased Eclipse, so there really only one company making the coffee syrup.

So, um, yeah ... possibly a little bit of an addiction going on to the old caffeine. Last month I bought a case of Red Bull from the local warehouse store, but that was too much. I peaked at about 3 per day ... and I was a raging butthole.... so now I'm back to my first love, coffee.

Anyway, I thought this Caffeine Addict (apparently that's the chemical symbol formula for caffeine, and I'm taking their word for it) would be appropriate. Get yours for just $14.99 at NachoMamatees.com


Kokosmin said...

That's a formula, not an element. But still, a nice story.

kids tops said...

This t-shirt is for the geeks. Nice concept. Making a chemical representation of coffee in a t-shirt was a brilliant idea.

tshirtprintinglondon said...

Nice t-shirt representing my drug of choice: CAFFEINE! But definitely a formula and not an element, haha. I'd still wear it though.