Monday, July 25, 2011

Herbie the Love Bug T-Shirt

Posted on/at 3:32 PM by Web Thing

So, who doesn't like Classic VW Bus? And who doesn't like Racing Stripes? And who doesn't love a vw bug with racing stripes that can't hold his Irish Whiskey?
Honestly, I don't remeber a whole lot about the original Love Bug movie ... and may never get around to viewing the remake with Lyndsey Lohan ... but i really do dig racing stripes, numbers and vw bugs .. so for me this shirt is a winner.

I also like that it would seemingly  appeal to those who have never heard of Herbie ... just a cool tee shirt if you ask me.

This particular little number is available at RedBubble (created by UrbanDog) Check it out here: Herbie Love Bug Shirt ... for $24.94.    (buy 4 items from  redbubble and get free shipping)