Friday, July 11, 2008

Red Sox T Shirts - Rather be at Fenway

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Red Sox T Shirt ... Ahh Fenway

Who else is excited to see Boston Red Sox skipper Francona in the Yankee dugout for the last All Star game at Yankee Stadium? Well, if you are lucky enough to have tickets, I found the perfect t shirt. I Would Rather Be At Fenway.

With Pedroia hitting up a storm and a pitching staff thats so much fun to watch - where else would I rather be? Fenway, baby! Boston, MA. , USA! Home of the Green Monster, the Pesky Pole ... and finally, not one but two RECENT championship banners. (who woulda thunk?)

************Boston Red Sox T Shirts***************

PS. Congrats to Tek on the All Star thing - say what you will - but the players voted him in - remember the "intangibles" eveyone keeps talking about? No one knows these better than the guys that take the field everyday. As sports heros continue to be role models, whether they like it or not, "All-Star" should mean much, much more that your batting average.

Anyway - the shirt is a tiny $14 drop in the bucket over at ChowdahHeads.


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