Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nico Starr Prepares to Take on the Big Boys

Posted on/at 8:07 AM by Web Thing

You know me, I love the little guys (and gals), so when Nico Starr asked me to weigh in on her new t shirt website - I was more than happy to check it out. Not like she really wants to take on the big guys - she has found her niche. Clever, leaning toward cute... and a whole lot of it.

At first glance, this t shirt made me think "dang, I miss my Tonka Bucketloader", but upon further inspection I changed my tune and was routing for the shovel. Who doesn't love an underdog - think David and Goliath - playground style.

The fun doesn't end there, and seeing as I only feature one shirt per post - your going to have to check out the others at Nicostarr.com . (Other favorites include "Old School" and "Seven Ate Nine") What can I say ... I'm just a big kid, and if you are too I recommend you check it out.

The t shirt above "Eye of the Tiger" will only set you back $17 to $28, depending on the quality and style of t shirt you choose. (About the same with all of the other designs too)

Go get 'em Nico!


Tony Andrews said...

That's a cute little shirt there.

Tim said...

I like that shirt. Haven't seen that one out there. Pretty original which is refreshing.