Monday, March 3, 2008

Rocking Artists meet the Humble T-Shirt - Faded Line Clothing Co.

Posted on/at 7:56 AM by Web Thing

Ever seen those cool band posters ... you know the ones plastered all over town just before your favorite rockers come to town? The ones that are impossible to get your hands on unless you know a guy who knows a guy? Ever wonder where they come from?

The rock poster has been around since the sixties - they were groovy then and have only gotten better. Guess what? Behind each stunning poster or album cover is a talented, honest to goodness hard working artist. You may not know theirs names, but you have seen thier work - and Faded Line highlights these art rockstars with some really freaking cool tees. This one is called Flame Guy by Todd Slater, and if it looks familiar it's because the design was featured on a concert poster for Ween & The Flaming Lips. And now, even if you have never heard of these bands - who cares ... you can still snag this looker of a t-shirt for about $22. A honey of a deal if you ask me. Don't forget to check out the other artists and designs featured at The Faded Line Clothing Co.