Monday, February 18, 2008

Acropolis T-Shirt; Regression

Posted on/at 8:26 PM by Web Thing

At first glance, at least to me, this Acropolis t-shirt named Regression looks as if they Acropolis logo is is being used as a tent, just outside the city limits.

Again, maybe it's just me; but while other people I know, work with or associate with fantasize about the 3 bedroom home 2.5 kids, plasma TV's and company picknics ... my guilty pleasure lies in a totally different direction ... If I'm sitting at my desk in the mid afternoon, staring off into space with a slight smile on my face - it's a fantasy that involves a 1970 something RV and a full tank of gas. When I run low on fuel ... wash dishes for a day or two ... fuel up, and move on. While to some that scenerio may appear to be regression, and maybe it is ... maybe that's exactly what we (or some of us anyway) really need.

Maybe progress is overrated.

Although I can's say for sure what the men and women of Acropolis were truly driving at, it's a darn cool t-shirt. Art IS still subject to interpretation isn't it?
Grab REGRESSION for $32 by clicking here; Regression T-Shirt (you can supersize the image there as well)


Mainstream Revolution said...

How can we send you our own tshirt line for review?

T-Shirt Guy's T-Shirt Blog said...

To be considered for review in this blog, please send me a link to your merchandise. The email address is located in the "About Me" portion of the blog. Contact me at the same address is you wish to send samples and I will give you the delivery address for that as well.

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